Sunday, February 22, 2009

Join the Cause

Join the Cause on March 31st of 2009, Ekplesso will be holding an event on the campus of Cedarville University to promote, educate and advocate for the process and the products of fair trade. Jacqueline DeCarlo, author of Fair Trade: A Beginners Guide, and Senior Program Advisor on the Economic Justice Team of Catholic Relief Services will be our guest speaker. A panel of professionals, educators, and students will share from their experience working with the fair trade and will be available to respond to audience questions. There will be opportunities for event participants to shop for fairly traded goods and coffee, and fair trade coffee and chocolate will be served as refreshments.

WHO: Ekplesso

WHERE: Stevens Student Center Event Rooms - Cedarville University

WHEN: March 31, 2009, refreshments beginning at 6:30 p.m. and program at 7:00 p.m.

SPEAKER: Jacqueline DeCarlo

Cedarville is making strides to become more aware of Fair Trade, and to make a conscous effort to promote fair trade products. As a student body, we have become increasingly aware of the again atrocity of human trafficking and wish to do something about it. One way we have advanced in this attempt is by selling fair trade coffee products at our on-campus coffee shop.

Participants will attend a seminar by Jacqueline DeCarlo. In addition to the speaker, a panel consisting of six individuals from both sides of the issue will respond to a time of Q/A. There will also be a follow-up aspect of the event, offering participants ways to be further involved/informed of the issue on Fair Trade. Pamphlets will be distributed informing attendees of various stores and businesses supporting Fair Trade, coupons and contacts will be included.

After the seminar part of the evening, there will be a "Fair Trade Fair" consisting of fair trade vendors. All proceeds from the sale will be given back to fight the issue of Fair Trade. Lutheran World Relief (LWR) products will be promoted and sold at this event, as they have been a supporter in our endeavor.

Our hope is that this event will spur the Fair Trade movement on our campus and that tangible changes will be made at Cedarville University and its surrounding communities. We hope to promote good relationships with the surrounding fair trade retailers as well.

2 FREE CEU's (Continuing Education Units) will be provided at the event for those in need!

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