Saturday, February 21, 2009

Be a Supporter of FTC Merchandise

There are countless ways that you can support the fair trade industry by buying FTC (Fair Trade Certified) clothing, food, coffee, chocolate, gifts and accessories.  It can be difficult finding places that support FTC merchandise so we, Ekplesso, have created a list with some supportive FTC retailers.  We, Ekplesso, encourage you not to stop with just this list, but to research and discover on your own other FTC retailers.  Leave a comment if you find a new retailer and we may add it to the list.  

FTC Retailer Lists

Local FTC Businesses (In relation to Cedarville University)

Un Mundo Cafe (Springfield)
Global Gallery (Yellow Springs)
Beans 'N' Cream (Cedarville) - Ask for the fair trade blend.

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